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Power & Distribution Panel


1 Material of Sheet Metal CRCA
2 Sheet Thickness 2.0mm ( 14SWG) for main frames/base plates/doors
1.6mm ( 16SWG) for partitions/covers.
3 Cable Entry Bottom
4 Gland Plate 3mm(10 SWG) thick removable gland plate.
5 Design of panels Non Drawout type (Fixed) design.
6 Type of construction Project Type.
7 Operation Dead Front / As per the requirement .
8 Nature of installation Indoor/ outdoor
9 Mounting Floor mounting
10 Rated Voltage 415V ± 10%, 3ph, 4Wire
11 Rated Frequency 50 Hz ±5%
12 Degree of protection Dust & Vermin Proof, IP-54 (Indoor)   IP55 FOR outdoor
13 Gasket Good Quality Gasket for all Doors and Covers
14 Material of conductor Hard drawn high conductvity Electrolytic
grade Aluminium Busbar
15 Current Density 0.8A / Sq.mm
16 Fault Level 35KA / 1sec/ 50 ka as per customer specification
17 Busbar insulation/colour coding PVC Heat shrinkable sleeves with R,Y,B & N colour coding.
18 Busbar supports Non Hygroscopic SMC  supports.
19 Busbar clearances Phase to Phase – 25mm min
Phase to Neutral – 19mm min
20 Material Treatment Thorough chemical treatment with seven tank process.
Siemens grey,shade RAL 7032 Finish Epoxy powder coated paint will be applied.
21 Control wiring 1.5 Sq.mm PVC, multistrand, flexible copper wire for
control  circuits
22 CT wiring 2.5 Sq.mm PVC, multistrand, flexible copper wire for CT’s