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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Technical Specifications

Capacity                                                               : 1,2,3,5,7.5,10, Single phase
Model                          : Analog /Digital
Input Voltage Range                                       : 170-270 V
Output Voltage set                                        : 230 V ± 1%
No. of phases                                                    : Single
Line Frequency                                                 :  47-53Hz.
Output Voltage Regulation                           : +1%
Type of Cooling                                                 :  Air Cooled (indoor)
Efficiency                                                             :   >95%
Speed of Correction                                        :  >35V per sec.
Wave form distortion                                      : Nil
Effect of Load power factor                           : Nil
Ambient Temperature                                  :  0-40°C
Duty Cycle                                                           :  Continuous
IP protection                                                        : IP 32 (Indoor model)
Display                                                                   : 0-300V Analog Voltmeter to read output Voltage
Indications                                                          : Input ON, Input Low, Input High, Output ON, Output Cut Off Indications
Protection                                                           : Output Low Voltage Protection Output High Voltage Protection Over load Protection Short Circuit Protection